• £110

Clicker Retrieve

    The clicker retrieve is an essential process for every dog: It's the force-free equivalent to force-fetch! Does your dog play keep-away? Does she drop on the ground instead of delivering to hand? Is she reluctant to pick up? The answer is always the clicker retrieve.

    • £80

    Blind Retrieves

      Confident go-outs. Straight lines. Train your dog to retrieve when they haven't marked the fall! But how do we achieve such beautiful blinds using force-free training? Does your dog pop, bug or no-go? You're going to need this course!

      • £85

      Remote Stop

        Train your dog to stop reliably on cue, at a distance from you. This is the behaviour you need before you can handle your dog on a retrieve. It's also the behaviour you'll need at the flush, shot and fall of game. Whether you want a sit or a stand, this is the course for you!

        • £80

        Focus and Attention

          Is your dog easily distracted? Do you find it difficult to get your dog's focus? Do you lose your dog's attention around game, on shoots - or just in novel environments?

          • £80


            Accurate marking is important! The better your dog marks, the quicker they will retrieve. And the less you will need to handle your dog. Learn how to get your dog's marking off to the best start.

            • £85

            First Steps in 3-Handed Casting

              Get started with 3-Handed Casting! Teach your dog to cast Left, Right, Back-Left and Back-Right. On this course, we use platforms to get started with 3HC. This means you can take this course before your dog has a reliable retrieve - and even with a young puppy. This is a course for anyone who wants to be able to handle their dog.

              • £70

              Training the T-Drill

                Bring your blind retrieves and 3-handed casting together in the T-Drill, where we achieve the beginnings of reliable handling.

                • £80


                  Does your dog check out, during heelwork? Perhaps wandering off, sniffing things or losing focus? Maybe you want to start things off in the right way with a new puppy? Whatever your difficulties are with heelwork, we tackle them on this course.

                  • £80

                  Reliable Recall

                    Does your dog chase game? Or ignore you in favour of sniffing? Maybe she wants to play with other dogs? Perhaps you have a new pup and you want to start things off right? Whatever your recall conundrum, I can't wait to help you and your dog. Let's get going!

                    • £80


                      Do you have a breed which hunts before the shot? Would you like to achieve control at the point, flush and fall? This course uses tugs and a flirt pole to equip spaniels and pointing breeds with the behaviours you want at these moments (whether stand or sit). These behaviours can later be transferred onto game.

                      Hi, I'm Jo

                      I'm a gundog trainer who uses force-free training methods and I've created Force-Free Gundog to help you train your dog

                      Here's what people are saying...

                      I had never used the clicker before and I’m really impressed - it works brilliantly! The tips Jo gave were brilliant and having someone there to message with questions when needed, was of huge value. Would I recommend it, YES, without a doubt.

                      Nadja with Gracie

                      Your course describes each exercise step-by-step with video material. At the beginning of the course, I couldn’t imagine how we could achieve a perfect retrieve. But, hey presto, by the end of 6 weeks we were almost there!

                      Nicola with Charlie

                      Our Labrador benefitted from the structured approach to training. To get the most out of the course it is worth investing time to practise the exercises at home which is made easy by info and videos. Jo clearly knows her stuff, which instills confidence.

                      Gavin with Roxy

                      I recommend your training to everyone we meet. Usually because they approach me to ask how I'm getting Kizzy to do something. Love the weekly work and that I can contact you with any problems.

                      Lynn with Kizzy

                      Perhaps the best compliment I can give you and your training is to say that we can rarely go out in public without someone stopping to comment on what a delightful and well-behaved dog we have.

                      Dan with Delilah

                      You really went above and beyond your role, to help us - which shows your genuine care for the dogs and owners under your tutorship. I've been competing for a while and yet I still learnt so much from your courses. 

                      Vicky with Digby

                      You've trained me to know how to keep on training Rosie.

                      Philippa with Rosie

                      Jo has an encyclopaedic knowledge of dogs and how to train them.

                      Bea with Phoebe

                      Brilliantly informative!

                      Lauren with Rosie

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