Choosing a course

Would you like some help to choose a course? Here are some suggestions!

Getting started

Reliable Recall
Perfect your recall under all circumstances. If you are having trouble calling your dog back from anything - this is the course. If your dog chases game, this is the course you need. (Not Steady or Focus and Attention. Yet!)

Decent basic heelwork is a requirement for most gundogs regardless of breed. Learn how to teach your dog to walk at heel without lead jerks and punishment.

Focus and Attention
If you're having difficulty training just about anything outside your house, due to your dog's lack of interest in training - and excessive interest in the environment - then this is the course for you.

Clicker Retrieve
Almost all gundogs need a basic and reliable retrieve to hand. This course will equip you with that. It will also teach your dog to retrieve any item you request, no matter how large or small - or what it is made from. (Including game.)

Next steps

Once you've completed the Clicker Retrieve, it's time to move your retrieve outside to the field. Train your dog to use their eyes and not their nose!

Blind Retrieves
Teach your dog to hold a straight line in the direction you give them and to keep running with style and confidence.

Remote Stop
Achieve a snappy and instantaneous response to the stop whistle. Whether you want a sit or a stand at the whistle, this is the course.

Develop concepts involving self-control in your young dog. This course is ideal for HPRs (versatile dogs) or spaniels. Achieve control at the point, flush and fall - using toys. This training can transition to game at a later time.

Immersing yourself

First Steps in 3HC
Train your dog to take reliable casts left, right and back-left and back-right. The Blind Retrieves course equipped you with the go-out. This course gives you the casts.

Training the T-Drill
Once you've got the casts working by themselves, we need to combine them with the out-run and the remote stop - to achieve the T-drill. Here, we really see our handling and blind retrieve training coming together.

Don't see the course you want yet?

New courses are being developed all the time, so please check back!